Cezara fashion 1

Fashion coloring book. Fifty-one models, modern dressed girls are waiting for you to give them some color. Unleash your creativity and color this book.

Do we hope you enjoy this book?!!

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Chris Fit

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Cezara fashion 2

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Jasmine Aziz



Mandalabalacalm, calm therapy

This book is made to calm you down. It is known that coloring books help us stay in the present state, which soothes the spirit. I also inserted positive expressions that are good for the mind. Coloring and the mandala around them will load the message sent by deepening it.This practice disconnects and frees your mind from daily worries by focusing only on coloring. Mandala coloring can also be associated with yoga meditation. Constantly doing this exercise will bring you calmer and improve your ability to concentrate.Swiss physician and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung has studied the therapeutic benefits of coloring for adults, obtaining beneficial results against stress and anxiety for his patients.This book is addressed to beginners and advanced. I invite you to spend a few minutes every day, becoming aware of the present in your life and coloring these mandalas that bring peace and soul balance.

Loïc Brun